CAN Info-Tech, 2012

Today, I visited the CAN Info-Tech, 2012 being held at the Exhibition Ground, Bhrikuti Mandap, Kathmandu. This is the 18th year of CAN Info-Tech. And it was my 12th consecutive CAN Info-Tech visit.


CAN (Computer Association of Nepal) organizes this IT fair every year. It is the largest fair in the country dealing with Information Technology, mobiles and electronic gadgets. Every year hundreds of thousands of IT enthusiasts visit this fair. And I can be no exception in this.


I had a pass this time, so I did not have to buy the entry ticket. Buying the ticket was not the problem by the way but standing in the long queue in the hot sun is something I always hate. SoI get into the hall and take a quick tour. I see nothing more than laptops. Laptops and laptops everywhere. The stalls outside the main hall were very crowded. People were buying pendrives, head phones, mouse, keyboards, and some other accessories. A stall has something that caught my attention. It was selling what it said Anti Radiation Stickers. I had used an anti-radiation sticker in my previous mobile set. But I don’t know if it works or not. The guy in the stall was claiming that the sticker was scientifically designed. Each sticker was priced at Rs. 200/-. There were also anti-radiation pendants which were priced for Rs. 2300/- under special CAN offer.


Until few years back, CAN Info-Tech used to be a fair where new technologies and products were showcased and launched. It used to be a place for all to see what was new in the field of IT. But things have changed a lot in the past few years. CAN Info-Tech has been highly commercialized. It has been provided shopkeepers a nice opportunity to clear their stock. I bought three iron patches. One of my friends bought a screw-driver and the other bought some pens. There were nothing interesting and innovative.


I think it’s high time for CAN to draw a line between the commercial and technological value of Info-tech. Many other trade fairs are organized every year with commercial purpose. CAN Info-Tech should stand different in this group of fairs by providing people an opportunity to come across the newest of the new products and technologies in the market.



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