The Day You Got Supended

It was a bright morning. There was a clear hint that the sun would be quite ruthless. Hot coffee was brought to your bed. Moreover, she called you up to say good morning. What else would you need for a perfect start of the day?

Things were going perfectly well. You meet a few friends on your way to your college. All of your friends, including you, have put on the same tee-shirt, your class tee-shirt. It has a sketch of Einstein in the background and Schrödinger equation on the foreground on the front side. On the back side, there’s your graduation year, your college’s name and the nick names of all of your class pals. Everyone in the college stare at you, in fact your tee-shirt. You feel proud to be wearing it.

All of your friends know that only few college days were remaining. So everyone was in a great mood. The start of the class was as usual, banging chairs and tables, shouting at the peak of your voices, singing khalli songs, ragging each other. After the whole class danced in the national anthem and you captured it on your camera, photo session kicked off. Every one was shouting at you, one photo… photo. God!!! That was such a moment. Every one tried their best to appear in almost every photo taken (mind you, there were three cameras in the class). You took more than 75 photos in just about 40 minutes. Every one was running here and there, banging chairs and tables, getting on top of others (a pose that is quite famous among you friends). First period was over just like that. Then one of the most boring teachers came in to teach Solid State Physics. He kept on writing on the board, every one else kept on copying. But you and Ishan were busy taking photos and your friends were busy posing for the camera. Ah, all your friends have multi-tasking ability.

After the class was over, it was break time. Yuppie!!! Time to go outside and look at all the girls, girls circling the lawn, girls popping their heads out of their class windows, girls looking at the boys, girls going to the library……. Well, the break time in St. Xavier’s is dedicated only to girls. And yes, the photo session was still going hard and strong.

The break ended. But nobody was going anywhere. Finally, when the principal signaled us to get in the class, we got in shouting some really awful words at him (of course, he doesn’t understand Nepali!). One of your friends, Rajeshwor, was on his phone, just outside the class. Your other friend, Bire (that’s what you call him), entered the class and locked the door from inside. What happened then was quite obvious, singing, shouting, running…..what not!

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. One of your friends opened the door. Any guess who was it? Yes….. Your very own Father Principal. That old man with no expressions on his face, got in and stared at everyone. You quickly put your camera into your pocket. “Get out from here. I don’t need you here. Now come only to appear your exams. Your course is over right now. You all are suspended. And I won’t give you any more classes. ………… ”, he kept on shouting at you all.

Some one was on the door. Ah, it was your Biostat teacher. Actually it was supposed to be his class. Things were becoming quite interesting. But you didn’t know what to do. All of your friends stared at each other and walked out of the class. You walked out too. Rajeshwor was on the door with his trademark teacher-pidit look on his face. And guess what? That old man had seized his cell phone. What the hell!!! All of you went upstairs laughing and just laughing. Yes, you were quite excited about being suspended. But your friends’ laughter was quite different from yours. What happened, you asked one of them. OMG! You just couldn’t control laughing. Rajeshwor had transferred some new pornos in his cell in the second period from Padke’s cell. Ah!!! And if the Father would just see his cell, you can expect the obvious.


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