Let us celebrate failure

“Anyone who has never failed hasn’t done anything new.” – Albert Einstein

Today, October 13, is The International Day for Failure. This is an annual event which aims to help people overcome fear of failure and understand failure as a learning experience.

Failure is not the enemy, but the fear of failure is. Failure and success are inextricably linked. Therefore we must learn to accept and get the most out of failure, in order to achieve true success.

But our culture does not accept failure. Why? Because we’re afraid because people judge us. Of course, it hurts. And perhaps because there might be no second chance? Fear of failure prevails like a virus. And the result is …
— Massive Sufferings and Stigmas,
— Discouraged Bold Actions and New Stars,
— No Timely Action for Problems.

HOWEVER, the biggest price we have to pay is…
— The valuable lessons ARE NOT SHARED.
— The success stories ARE NOT CREATED.

Let’s re-shape our culture for failure. In order to make it happen, we must celebrate failure. Day for Failure suggests five different ways to celebrate failure. Try them.


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