This and that

I have been trying to write a blog post for a couple of days. Many thoughts have come across my mind. But I’m still not sure what to write about. So all I have been doing is changing themes of my blog. I liked a few themes but they were not free! So here I am, stuck with my old theme. By the way, this theme isn’t that bad, is it?

Talking about theme, a friend had recommended to me a valentine theme for my desktop. When I installed it, everything in my desktop turned red and a red rose and a heart appeared as my wallpaper. I quickly removed it. I don’t find the idea of valentine’s day, red roses and all too appealing. My friends say this is because I’m single! Well, may be. I don’t know.

Talking about being single, my birthday and valentine’s day fall on the same day. On this day, many say, Oho, dubai haat ma laddu! The rest say, I hope you find someone this time. I just smile at them and remind myself that there are over 3 billion females in this world . . . it will take some time for me to find my Miss Right. I think people don’t look for true love with the patience they need to. They look in 10 – 20 – or say 50 people! Out of what, over 3 billion?! There is a very very high chance they won’t find their Mr/Ms. Right. They get satisfied in the best of what they see and try to find true love in them while their Mr/Ms. Right lie somewhere waiting to be found. I don’t get the notion of this kind of love. I also don’t believe that two people just bump onto each other on the street, fall in love and live happily ever after. So one has to keep looking until he/she finds his/her true love.

Oh, and talking about looking, I think I’ll keep looking for some more themes for my blog. Of course, I’ll keep looking for my Ms. Right!



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